All You Need To Know About Brinks Professional Monitoring

All You Need To Know About Brinks Professional Monitoring

Fri, May 22, 2020 3:33 PM

The Brinks Professional Monitoring is a very important function to your home security. It serves as a way to transmit your alarms signals to Brinks Alarm Response Center. A Monitoring Center that staffed home alarm security professionals who can notify response units such as medical, fire, and police authorities in times of emergencies.

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Brinks Professional Monitoring is so important. A 24/7 call center with highly trained professionals monitoring your system when you are away. Instead of calling 911, your home alarm system will notify the professional monitoring team and notify the correct authorities in case of any danger.

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You can also choose who you want to be notified when your alarm goes off. Once the Brinks is activated, you can select a specific list of individuals, The Brinks Professional monitoring team will able to contact your set of emergency lists anytime. The list could be your neighbors for example. 

brinks professional monitoring

You can also save money on homeowner's insurance if you have a Brinks alarm system. 20 percent of insurance if you have a professionally monitoring system.

You can terminate or cancel your entire system with the 30 days period, full refund with no termination fee. Brinks Home Security will give you the Best Home Security Package that suits your needs.

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