Best DIY Home Security Systems for 2021

Best DIY Home Security Systems for 2021

Thu, Jan 21, 2021 9:56 PM

Most DIY security systems give you the freedom to choose how you track and monitor your house instead of locking you into a multi-year contract with a wide coverage-based subscription fee.

This typically means that, without early termination fees or other hidden costs, you can optionally sign up for a professional monitoring service and cancel it at any time. In the product category, we considered the quality of security cameras, the features they provide, whether they work with other devices, including smart speakers like Alexa and Google Assistant and monitors, and how they compare with other devices.


Ring Alarm Security Kit


Ring Alarm Security Kit

Consider the second-gen Ring Alarm Security Package if you want a basic home security device with motion detection at an amazing price. This year, version 2.0 was released and it's really close to the original version—and that's a good thing.

Complete with a base station, a keyboard, a range extender, a motion detector, and 4 door and window contact sensors, the 8-piece package costs $200. The Ring Alarm Security Kit has a simple app in addition to its inexpensive cost, it is easy to install, and the whole system works well out of the box.

You can scale it up with additional Ring devices, including a security camera and doorbell from Ring, and even add a smart lock and other items from a third-party vendor. The package integrates with Alexa, so you can arm/disarm the device with voice commands, and Ring provides $10 per month or $100 a year for optional professional monitoring which is also a great value.

If you want a simple entry-point into home security that can also be scaled up over time, as needed, definitely consider this DIY system.

Ring Alarm Security Kit


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Simplisafe Home Security


Simplisafe Home Security

One of the first DIY home security devices to hit stores was SimpliSafe, and it is a practical alternative to ADT home security and other home security companies. That's mainly because of its wide range of accessories. Its SimpliSafe starter kit costs just $259 and has recently undergone a hardware upgrade that looks even better than the previous designs.

To access some remote security features (something that is usually provided for free with other home security companies), you will have to pay at least a $15 monthly fee, but SimpliSafe's impressive selection of accessories and solid results make it our top option for a DIY alarm system in the market today.

Simplisafe Products



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