Frequently Asked Questions About Keypad Locks

Frequently Asked Questions  About  Keypad Locks

Tue, Jul 21, 2020 5:41 PM

Keypad lock systems are probably the most ideal approaches to keyless while as yet protecting your property. They're expanding in prevalence with property holders on account of their comfort, utility, and usability, and have been going down in cost to make them increasingly open to most homeowners. 

Here are a couple of the most widely recognized inquiries concerning keypad locks covering what they are, the manner by which they can help secure you, and that they are so natural and easy to utilize. 

How do Keypad Door Locks Work? 

Rather than utilizing a key to close and open the entryway, a keypad entryway lock requires a numerical code to open the entryway. In business or commercial settings, the keypad is situated on the divider or in the walls, yet in private homes, the keypad is situated on the entryway, simply over the handle where the deadbolt lock typically is. On the off chance that the right code is entered, the entryway lock or deadbolt discharges, and there's ordinarily a solitary catch or a single button to bolt the entryway. 

Most keypad entryway locks use batteries that can be access to and replace from the inside of the lock, or they require a limited quantity of wiring to control the lock. Some keypad locks have built-in security features that keep the entryway bolted after numerous wrong attempts. 

How secure are the keypad door locks? Keypad door locks are more secure and solid than customary keyed deadbolt locks.

Here is a portion of the additional advantages they can bring to your home.



The accommodation of a keypad lock implies there's no compelling reason to convey, oversee, or keep duplicates of any keys to your entryway. A keyless system permits you to give temporary codes to friends or visitors. 

The system makes changing your locks essentially simpler. As opposed to worrying over employing a professional, or attempting to do it without anyone else's help with the issue of removing and reinstalling new locks, it only takes a press of a couple of buttons. This makes it feasible for you to change the code as much of the time as you need. 


Conventional locks wear after some time with use. Sooner or later, you'll find your conventional locks may expect you to wiggle the key a specific method to work appropriately. Keypads are more sturdy than traditional locks. With the correct quality, a keypad lock should last longer than standard equipment. 


It is conceivable to hack a keypad lock. It probably won't be as simple as what movie show, yet it is possible for a programmer or a hacker to open the entryway. 

The most ideal approach to ensure yourself against hackers is to pick complex passwords that are difficult to figure and to change your passwords frequently. Some keyless lock systems are equipped for sending you and the police alerts if an inappropriate code has been entered too often. Ensure you initiate these systems to stop hackers and defend your home. 


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Higher Security

Keypad locks don't utilize traditional locking components. They don't utilize a key and tumbler framework to lock or unlock. With the absence of mechanical locking frameworks, keyless frameworks can't be picked or knock like a traditional lock. This gives your home an additional layer of security and protection.

Power Source Failure

Batteries don't keep going forever, and in case you're not proactive in replacing them, your lock either won't lock when you're leaving or won't open when you are returning to your home. A few locks do have a little back p power source, yet it just endures a certain time span, contingent upon your system. 

Most systems can keep going on multiple years on the same battery, so the least demanding approach to stay away from power disappointment is to replace your batteries consistently. 


Most keypad locks don't require any changes in accordance with your entryway or door frames. They can easily be installed to any entryway simply like a standard lock. In the event that you are utilizing a battery-powered lock, there is no extra wiring or connecting with a power source required which makes installation that a lot simpler. 

Human Errors

Much the same as you can overlook or forget your keys, or lock yourself out of your vehicle, it's possible to lock yourself out of your home on the off chance that you overlook your password. 

If you are inclined to overlook your code, you can really set yourself up for more difficulty later on by giving yourself backups. You may think that it's safe to record your code on your smartphone or keep it on a sheet of paper in your wallet. This can make an issue if that reminder gets taken by someone. By then, the criminal who has your wallet, handbag, or smartphone likewise has the key to your home. 

It's also suggested that you don't pick the last digits of your telephone number, social security number, or birthday as your keypad code. You should never utilize a code that is identified with anything personal about you. By utilizing personal data as your code, you make it simpler for people to break the code. 


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Moreover, don't pick codes that are excessively oversimplified. While they are simple for you to recall, they're additionally simple for strangers to figure out. Codes like 1111 or 1234 give less security to your home. 

In case you're don't remember your code, there are preferable approaches to recall them over by utilizing one of these techniques. A superior method to choose and remember your code is by thinking about a shape or a letter that you can draw on the keypad. 

Is there any problems with these locks?

Keypad locks do give a wide scope of advantages, however, there is consistently risk or expected issues in any security system. With proper planning and arrangements, it's conceivable to not let these issues influence you. 

Is keypad Door Lock safe?

Keypad entryway locks are more secure than traditional deadbolt locks. A few brands even have locks that can be fused or connected with your smart home security system, permitting you access to check your lock and home security continuously anyplace that you are in.


What are the Best Keypad locks in the market?


1.Kwikset Smart Locks®

Kwikset Smart Locks®


  • Mobile Lock Access :Lock and unlock your front door with the Vivint Smart Home App.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Get notified when the door is left unlocked.
  • Completely Secure : Secure technology protects against unauthorized entry.

2.ADT Smart Locks

adt smart lock


  • Programmable locking : Set your door to automatically lock after 30 seconds with up to 30 custom user access codes.
  • One-touch lock : Lock your door with the touch of a button.
  • Smart key : Gain the flexibility to rekey your own smart locks without removing the smart lock from your door.
  • Wireless :  Transmits alerts wirelessly to your system.


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