How to Know if a Home Security Installer is Real or Fake?

How to Know  if a Home Security Installer is Real or Fake?

Mon, Jul 27, 2020 8:30 PM

It's a typical Monday morning, and a man claiming to be a Home security installer is at your entryway. Is it true that he is a certified agent or a fake? Figuring out how to tell if an installer is real or a criminal in camouflage is crucial to the security of your home and your family's wellbeing. 

Keep these indications of a fake installer as a top priority whenever make the way for an outsider. 

Your installer may be a fake in the event that they: 

  1. Show up un-reported. Most real home security appointments are prearranged. 

  2. Telling you that, for example,  ADT is going out of business and represent to the new company or, your ADT security panel is outdated so they will install another one.

  3. Request a money installment or asked or pressure you for your credit card data or information. 

  4. Drive a vehicle that doesn't show the home security providers' decals.

  5. Fail to present official identification proof, for example, an ADT  identification card, personal ID, or business card. All ADT employees, including ADT Authorized Dealers, must convey personal ID and present it when mentioned to do as such. 

  6. Claiming they are a sub-contractual worker for ADT, Simplisafe, etc yet doesn't have any certifications to demonstrate or to prove it.

  7. Not wearing a Home security provider uniform. 

  8. Disclose to you that he/she will install a security system for free if you put a sign in your yard and fill out an “agreement” that requests basic individual data. 

  9. Become irritated with your inquiries in regards to their legitimacy or lets you know there's no purpose behind concern. 


In case you're concerned, what would it be a good idea for you to do? 

In the event that you speculate that your home security installer might be a phony, here are a few hints on what steps to take straightaway: 

  1. Look and gather as much data as possible about the individual, including their name, the name of the organization they represent, their ID identification number, a description of their vehicle, the motivation behind why they are at your home, and overall physical description.

  2. Advise the person to hold up outside, and afterward close and lock the entryway or the door. 

  3. Call your home security provider right away to determine if the individual is a real representative. 

  4. If your provider can't affirm the person's identity, call law officers right away. Try not to open the entryway. In the event that the individual drives away while you're hanging tight for help, attempt to get the tag number of the vehicle and note what direction the vehicle went. 

  5. At the point when it's protected to do as such, tell to your neighbors what occurred and alert them to be careful with scammers. 


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The Dangers of Allowing a Fake Representative into Your Home 

Giving a fake alert home security installer a perspective on your home sabotages your present security system's viability. The potential criminal could utilize the data you give them about your security system to deactivate it and burglarize your home. While they're inside conversing with you, the fake installer may likewise take the opportunity to familiarize your home, searching for significant things they need to take later. And keeping in mind that it is a rare occurrence, the person in question could cause you physical harm.

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In the event that you haven't affirmed the person's character, questions should raise a warning. The fake person is gathering data that will support the person in question burglarize your home sometime in the not too distant future. 

Senior residents are especially defenseless against fake installers. Be certain the seniors throughout your life know the indications of scammers and remind them to be always ready.

Try not to feel forced or pressured to allow a specialist or a technician into your home until you've checked that they are an agent. A certified employee will comprehend and respect your anxiety and concerns.


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