SimpliSafe Lets You Customize Your Home Security System

SimpliSafe Lets You Customize Your Home Security System

Thu, May 21, 2020 5:39 PM

The Basic package is The Foundation, with one motion sensor, one base station, wireless keypad, and one entry sensor. Is that package suit your needs? Well, depending on your property size, you can choose any of the five packages they offer. If none of the five package suits for you, you can customize your own,

SimpliSafe starts with Keypad and a Based Station, However with the SimpliSafe Build My Tool System, you can customize and add additional types of equipment depends on what you need. 

You can add additional Burglary Sensors if you have multiple doors and windows. Sensors will help and notify you when windows or doors are open. Motion Sensor is also available, it is ideal to put additional sensors for your home most traffic areas like hallways.

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If you have multiple rooms and you want to monitor all of them, you can purchase an additional HD Security so you can see what is happening anytime from virtually anywhere. 

SimpleSafe Customize

You can also purchase additional Hazard Sensors such as Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Temperature Sensor, and Water Sensor. 

Need more sensors? If you have more than 5-10 windows that are the potential entry of break-ins, you can purchase more Glasbreak Sensor. It will detect the sound when some break your windows. For extra assurance, you can Panic Button. This will alert the monitoring center in case of potential threats without sounding the sirens.

Additionally, you can add extra Keypad, Key Fob, Extra 105dB Siren, Extra 9" x 9" Yard Sign, and Pro Setup Help.

If you think SimpliSafe customizing option will benefit your safety and security, Give us a call and we will set up your ADT home security system.

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SimpliSafe Lets You Customize Your Home Security System

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SimpliSafe Lets You Customize Your Home Security System

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SimpliSafe Lets You Customize Your Home Security System

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SimpliSafe Lets You Customize Your Home Security System

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