What are the Best Pet-Friendly Security Systems

What are the Best Pet-Friendly Security Systems

Mon, Jun 8, 2020 10:39 AM

A pet Triggering a false alert to you're home alarm security system can have some serious, unintended outcomes. Setting off a monitored security system may call law enforcement officials when the alarm is activated. It's hard to cancel a false alarm, and you may wind up being charged a punishment. In the event that it happens too every now and again, you may even lose police benefits, placing your home in danger in case of a serious crisis. 

So as to keep away from your pet setting off false cautions, here are a few precautionary measures to take note: 

• Choose a top-notch, pet-accommodating movement sensor. 

• Plan around your pets' propensities or habits  - abstain from pointing sensors in their preferred areas.

• Install movement sensors at 5 feet or higher, to keep away from animal movements.

• Place the motion sensor upside down, towards the ceiling.

• Install a surveillance camera to keep an eye on your pets' movements.

• Don't point sensors at windows, as this can trigger false alarms

• Avoid pointing sensors at radiators or heaters, as these discharge high infrared energy. 

Best Pet-Friendly Security Systems

Pointing the movement sensors upwards implies that the sensors are bound to distinguish people while disregarding the movements of your pets. Having a surveillance camera accessible permits you to mind your pets' movements and guarantee that any movements identified are normal before sending any alerts ringing.

Best Pet-Friendly Security Systems 

Vivint: The Ping camera has all the features you need to keep an eye on your pets while you’re away

vivint ping camera

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ADT: The ADT Motion Sensors is adjustable, allowing you to customize this range to match the size of your pets.

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What are the Best Pet-Friendly Security Systems

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What are the Best Pet-Friendly Security Systems

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What are the Best Pet-Friendly Security Systems

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