What is the Difference Between Wireless & Cellular Security System

What is the Difference Between Wireless & Cellular Security System

Fri, Jun 26, 2020 9:38 PM

Remote or wireless security systems are the most secure and most dependable sort of home security systems available today, particularly when they are joined with cellular monitoring. Clients are rushing to the best home alarm security companies to buy a remote security system with cellular monitoring. In any case, numerous potential clients are wavering because of their disarray about remote and cellular. What precisely does remote or wireless mean? What precisely does cellular mean? Today we'll address that very inquiry.

What Is Cellular? 

With regards to a home security system.
cellular relates to how the security system speaks or communicate with the outside world –, for example, the monitoring station or your cell phone. The phone ability originates from an implicit or built-in cellular "module" or device that imparts signals to an outside element when something is activated on your security system. The cellular  device utilizes the standard data network that your own smartphone does, anyway it just uses the Data portion of the system rather than the voice network. The information or data network is regularly utilized for instant messages while the voice network is utilized for real or actual voice calls. 

Here's a case of how the cellular module functions. Let's assume you leave your home for the afternoon and arm your security system. Your security system is activated a brief timeframe later. The smart cellular phone worked in your Control Panel will send an alarm signal to the monitoring station. The monitoring station at that point contacts the nearby law enforcement to take action. 

Another example is security system alarms. For example, many home alarm security companies currently offer on the web/remote access to your security system which permits you to get instant notification and alarms about your system activities by sending an instant message to your smart devices . Let say, for example, your children return home or from the school and disarm the system utilizing their special user code. The built-in module or monitoring app will communicate this message, by means of the cellular data , to your smartphone or smart devices.

Generally speaking, the term cellular refers to how your security system conveys to elements outside of your home. 

What is Wireless?

When discussing a home security system "remote or wireless" relates to how the security system conveys inside your home – from the sensors to the Control Panel. For example, a hard-wired security system would impart through the wires that were connected to the alert sensors and the Control Panel. At the point when a sensor was set off a sensor would impart a sign by means of the wire to the Control Panel. 

With a remote security system the correspondence is sent remotely, or through radio signals. None of the alarm sensors have any wires connected, and the Control Panel's just wire is for its power source. The sensors, when activated, will impart a remote radio sign the Control Panel, which is on a similar recurrence. The Control Panel gets this sign and makes a move as needs be – regardless of whether that is imparting a distress signal to the monitoring station or alarming the owner of the property – relying upon what setting you have your system at that point. 

To put it plainly, "Remote or Wireless" signifies no wires with a home security system.

Remote/Wireless versus Cell 

To put it plainly, the contrast between wireless or remote and cellular is about communication. Remote relates to how your security system imparts inside your home, from the sensor to sensor, or sensor to Control Panel. Cellular relates to how your security system sends alarms to the outside world, such as the monitoring station or your smartphone

Best Cellular/Wireless Home Security Systems


ADT – Best Cellular Backup


SimpliSafe – Best Cellular Monitoring


Vivint – Best Home Automation


  • Motion Detectors
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Arm/Disarm Security
  • Entryway Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Control Panel
  • Home Automation

Advantages of Cellular Home Security Monitoring 

Cellular home security monitoring is right now the most well-known type of monitoring accessible and in light of current circumstances. The advantages of cellular home security moving are unequivocally substantial and not simply publicizing fluff

The most significant advantage of cellular home security monitoring is the way that it's remote. That implies your security system will have fewer vulnerabilities in light of the fact that there are no lines of cables  that can be cut and your framework isn't dependent to your internet connection So a phone signal is consistently on and persistently checking your system 

Furthermore, with a cellular signal, you won't need to pay for a landline, your system can be overhauled or service remotely, all correspondences are secured and encrypted, and you can receive motion alerts instant messages.

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