Ring Security System
Pathlight Battery

ring pathlight battery

Light every path you take

Shine 360 degrees of light on your walkways, driveways and pathways with battery-powered Pathlights that stick into any soft ground. Then connect them to the Ring Bridge to unlock countless combinations and commands.

Make brilliant connections.

Link Ring Smart Lights to Ring doorbells and cameras, and select Alexa-enabled devices with the Ring Bridge. Then create combinations to get the most out of your home security. If one connected Ring Smart Light detects motion, it can activate your entire Ring of Security.

Lights on in minutes.

Easy installation means you can get the lights up in no time. Simply attach the included stake to the Pathlight, stick it into any soft ground and you’re ready to go.

‘Alexa, turn on the lights.’

Link Ring Smart Lights to the Ring Bridge and connect with select Alexa-enabled devices to activate Ring Smart Lights and adjust settings at the sound of your voice. Plus, Alexa will let you know when motion is detected, so you’ll never miss a thing.

Motion Activated

Turn on Ring Smart Lights and get notifications when motion is detected

Bright LEDs

Shine 80 lumens of brightness on important areas at home

Battery Powered

Enjoy up to a year of light on one set of batteries under normal use.*

Weather Resistant

Place it almost anywhere for the ultimate outdoor lighting solution.

Technical Specifications

Ring Doorbell Camera
Ring Indoor Camera
Ring Sticky Up Camera
Ring Doorbell
Ring Spot Camera
Ring Retro fit Alarm
Ring Alarm Freeze Sensor
Ring Window Magnet
Ring Smoke and CO Listener
Ring Motion Detector
Ring Window Sensor
Ring Door Unlock
Ring Panic Butoon
Ring Alrm Keypad