Ring Security System
Stick Up Cam Elite

Ring Sticky Up Camera

Goes everywhere. Sees everything.

Stick Up Cam Elite gives alot of option to place and with the unlimited power over ethernet gives you protection without delay, where, when you need it the most.

Check your home anywhere your are.

Gives you more option to place. Mount it in your ceiling in your living room or in your backyard wall. Also on the flat surface whether like table or shelves watching your pet or the children

Protect every corner

Have one in your frontdoor to check who comes and goes. Anoter in your living room to watch over your family and pets.

HD Video & Two-Way Talk
Removable Battery Pack
Motion-Activated Notifications
Night Vision
Easy Installation

Have a full control on your hands.

Connected Devices

Connect and control all your Ring devices from a single dashboard

Real-Time Notifications

Anywhere. Anytime. Receive real-tome notification in your phone and other devices whether you are in or outside of the house.

Live View

Check real-time video and audio of your home with the Live View button

Crime & Safety Alerts

With our App you are connected to your community with real-time crime and safety alerts from your neightbors and local low enforcement.

Technical Specifications

Ring Doorbell
Ring Indoor Camera
Ring Sticky Up Camera
Ring Doorbell
Ring Spot Camera
Ring Retrofit Camera
Ring Alarm Flood sensor
Ring Alarm Window Magnet
Ring Smoke Sensor
Ring Motion Detector
Ring Window Sensor
Ring Door Unlock
Ring Panic Button
Ring Alarm Keypad