You need to know.

Almost all home alart security have the same focus for home security. We have gathered the best and narrow down why you should choose them from one another. Here are the top 5 best home alarm security:


Vivint is a slam packed for people who need protection for their home and properties. It is a the latest smart home technology for home protection. Vivint Smart Home Automation has the assurance of Professional and reliable 24/7 monitoring services.

In Vivint, You will get what you pay for. Another good move from Vivint is their professional installation. Vivint is one of the only home security companies that does security the way they think it should be done.


Ring is one of having the best customer service in the business. They offer customizable options for homeowners and renters. You can purchase Ring five-piece security kit and add monitoring for a year for around $300.

Ring is one of the newest player in the home security system industry. It is a basic smart home security that sense a window or door if opened, detect motion, and sound alarm.


Brink is a good choice for first timer, it has a simple straightforward equipment and pricing for a home security system. You can choose Brinks package in three options. Good thing about Brinks is, you can install and test for a month and decide if its for you or not. 30 day money back guaranteed. It includes the Google Nest Security equipment, fast response time, and mobile app include in the package.

When it comes to professional monitoring, Brinks is your choice for simple smart home security system. Make sure to test the trial and decide to avoid termination fee


ADT is the most the most accomplished and experience smart home and monitoring company in the US. Prices is higher than most of the companies mentioned above. But years of solid knowledge and experience, you can get what what you pay for with ADT.

ADTs monitoring center never goes offline. With 6 customer monitoring center in the US, ADT has the best monitoring customer service in the market. With 140+ years of experience, ADT is known for an outstanding customer service guarantees, and fast response time.


It has some of the most affordable monitoring fees available in industry. You can start anytime and stop anytime whenever you want. No required contract. Contract-Free, Affordable and you can Do it Yourself!

It has a straight forward pricing and basic equipment. More affordable than most companies in the US. It is a smart home security company that offers monthly monitoring without a long term option.