Best Security Cameras for Renters 2020

Best Security Cameras for Renters  2020

Thu, May 28, 2020 1:57 PM

As a tenant or Renter, you may require an alternate sort of security camera system for your space rather than the property owner's security camera. Landlords may not want the renter to install or drill holes and gaps in their wall dividers – and you may not need a security system contract that goes on for quite a while in the event that
you plan on moving once in a while, at that point. Regardless of whether you do not own the house, you need to stay protected and your home from intruders, and you need to monitor what's going on in it when you're not there.  Here's the best security system for tenants.

SimpliSafe Security Camera



  • Monitored by professionals

  • No contracts, monitoring starts at 50 cents a day

  • Wireless, no drilling or landline required

  • Easy to set up yourself in no time

  • Record anytime at the push of a button

  • 30-Day Storage

  • Download and Share Clips

  • no contracts

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring

  • no phone line needed


HD Camera: Watch live HD Video and audio 24/7 for free from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Smart Alerts: SimpliCam alerts you for free the instant it detects motion so you can see what’s happening and take action.

Price starts at $99/each

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Ring Spotlight Camera


  • Inexpensive equipment and professional monitoring

  • Lots of security camera and smart light options

  • Can be used with Alexa


1080HD video with Live view: Monitor your property in HD video, and check-in on the home at any time with Live View on-demand video and audio.

Motion-Activated Alerts: Get alerts on your phone, tablet, and PC when anyone steps on your property and triggers Ring’s built-in motion sensors.

Two-Way Talk: Hear and speak to people on your property from your mobile device with the built-in microphone and speakers.

Remote Activated Siren: Activate the siren from your phone, tablet, and PC to scare away any suspicious people caught on camera.

WORKS WITH ALEXA: Add voice control by combining with a screen Alexa device

Price Starts at $59.99/each

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