Brinks Home Security Review

Brinks Home Security Review

Mon, Oct 12, 2020 9:24 PM

For providing professionally controlled ad monitored security systems, Brinks Home Security is well-recognized. The flexibility of either professional or DIY installation is provided by these systems. They also allow you to choose between using their own equipment or Nest Secure equipment and monitoring, as a partner with Nest. 

Brinks will provide the continuing personnel and support for that system if you want Nest Secure. Choosing Brinks comes at a high price, but they do offer low or no-interest financing options for equipment. The monitoring itself is low-cost and comes with a 2-year warranty, although a 3-year commitment is also required for certain options. There are steep early-termination fees, but if you go with Nest Secure, there is an alternative month-to-month plan.

Tip: For their home protection system, Brinks is also a partner with Nest. Brinks will be the staff and support for that device if you want a Nest.

The device provides solid peace of mind for customers with an estimated 30-second emergency response time and power outage backup. Brinks' technology is top-notch with great home automation features. Notice that there is no choice for the landline, which may be essential to certain individuals.

It is important to note that yesterday's Brinks wasn't the same business as of today's Brinks. Because of ownership changes, the business went through a rebranding and renaming process in 2009 as Broadview Security. However, the name rights for Brinks were purchased by MONI Smart Security, and the original name was brought back to the market in 2018. There is a history of customer service problems at MONI Smart Security, but J.D. Power in customer satisfaction recently rated Brinks # 1. In the following summary, you can find out more about unique options and features that are available with the new Brinks.

Brinks Home Security

The Good and the Bad

Pros Cons
Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power Long-term contract
DIY or professional install High early-termination fees
Power outage backup  
Control system from phone app  
Great home automation features  
Rate-locked contracts  


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Features and Technology

The Brinks home security system comes with the following features:

  • 24/7 Monitoring – is full coverage that lets the ASAPer service alert you through SMS, voice, or email based on your configuration. If they don’t get feedback from you that it’s a false alarm, they will dispatch the police.
  • Tamper Protection – is another useful feature because it allows for full protection against break-ins in the home security system itself.
  • LiveVoice® Assist – is one of the unique features offered by this home security company, because it allows you to use your control panel as a walkie-talkie. That means that you can communicate with the LiveWatch central monitoring center at all times.
  • Smartphone Control – you can arm, disarm, and check on video streams through the app on your phone.
  • Live Video Streaming – enables you to remotely monitor your home at all times.
  • Cloud Video Storage – you can record and save important video clips on your cloud.

The response time, which separates Brinks from other home protection providers, is a standout feature of this home security system. Brinks says the ASAPer responds in 30 seconds or less to emergencies.

Support to the consumer 

In 2018, according to J.D. Power, Brinks won the first place award for customer service and satisfaction. The comfort and happiness of customers are always first, according to company policy. That is the reason why their version of the Customer Bill of Rights was developed. Brinks home security also has a dedicated phone number to text tips and reviews.

Ease of use & install 

The installation phase, which was built to be as quick and easy as possible, is another big plus for Brinks Home Security. Before it's delivered, the business absolutely preconfigures the equipment according to your preferences. Therefore, the only thing you need to do when the equipment arrives is to position it in the appropriate locations, attach it, and activate the device.

The equipment is 100% wireless, meaning you're not going to have to drill or alter your home's structure in any way. 

You can use the Brinks Pro Install service if you don't want to bother with this process yourself. For this extra facility, the installation fee is $199 if you pay upfront or $10 per month.

It is really quick to install the device. With a user-friendly interface, the company's mobile app offers you centralized, remote control over the entire device. It's available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Pebble Watch, Kindle, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple Watch on your Windows phone. The device can also be accessed remotely from your account.

Brinks home security systems come with a two-year guarantee, which you can extend for a lifetime for an additional fee. Moreover, for many popular smart home devices, including Nest Thermostat, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, there are impressive integration features.

Style and Equipment 

The whole design of the system for home security is impressive. If you're a fan of a clean and minimalist style, Brinks equipment will fit right in with your house. Every piece is white, small, and simple to handle. In addition, it is elegant and sophisticated enough that your overall home decor would not detract from it. 


If you care about getting the very latest equipment & technology, as well as excellent customer service, Brinks is a perfect choice. At a premium price point, the home protection device from Brinks comes in, but you get what you pay for.


Plans And Pricing


Home Complete Security System starts at $29 / mo and a $399 up-front cost

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