The Best Home Security Systems for Companies of 2021

The Best Home Security Systems for Companies of 2021

Wed, Jan 13, 2021 4:32 PM

A security system for business will help protect your business and employees. There is a range of manufacturers of home security services with a variety of features and benefits today. The options may sound daunting, but don't be intimidated. 

We're presenting the best business security companies of 2021 and comparing them side by side to simplify your work. Check out what you need to learn about what provider of home security and what kinds of equipment and surveillance they have. Significant variables to consider when selecting the right protection system for your companies.

Full Costs 

How much can you afford to invest in a device for home security? Before choosing the features you want in a system, consider your budget. There are higher up-front expenses and higher monthly rates for certain home security companies than others. If you need to spend less on installation, some home security systems allow the option of DIY installation. There may be other functionalities that you may accept to fit your budget.

Requirements for installation 

Do you prefer to employ a specialist or are you the DIY type? Both DIY and professional installation are offered by some home security providers, while others only provide one option. On each devices you consider, be sure to check out the installation options available. 


You may want to consider a home security company that provides 24/7 professional surveillance if you are away from your office or traveling. While central monitoring is usually associated with a cost, you will find it worth the peace of mind. However, you may opt not to pay this additional charge if you or someone else is home most of the time.

Your Office Size 

If you are renting a 900-sq. Ft. unit, the needs of your home security system will vary.  The equipment required will vary depending on the size of your area, and so will the functionality. Take into account the square footage and the number of entrance doors, windows, and other areas of the office that need to be monitored before deciding on the right home security device for your needs. 

Wired vs. Wireless Service 

Are you in a building with a security device that is pre-wired? If so, it could be a simpler and more economical option to get a hardwired protection device installed. But if your building does not have a pre-wired security system at present, a wireless one removes the need to dig into your walls and gives you the option of a DIY installation as well. While wireless home security systems are common and known for simpler, more organized installation, since they are not subject to intrusion, hardwired systems are more reliable.

The best home security system companies

ADT - Experienced  

With over 145 years in the field, ADT is a household name. As the top of the line in reliable home security, it has built a reputation. ADT has over eight million customers across North America, reflecting a degree of faith that has been gained in business over many years.

What We Like

* 24/7 monitoring command centers, six command center   
* Six-month guarantee on money-back* 
* The ADT Pulse software can be paired with many other smart home applications.

Learn More About ADT Home Security

Frontpoint - Best Overall

Frontpoint aims to deliver an inexpensive DIY home security system to customers. Frontpoint was created in 2007 and is now recognized as one of the most competitive home protection solutions on the market. 

What We Like

* Thanks to detailed guidance and additional helpful tools on the mobile app, Simple DIY installation 
* Transparent pricing without the need to search for add-on costs, equipment charges, etc. for five simple package options 
* The Frontpoint app lets you access your home remotely and offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Learn More About Frontpoint Security

SimpliSafe - Best guarantee for money-back 

The whole-home security of SimpliSafe helps secure any entry point and room from intruders and threats such as fire, water, and medical emergencies. SimpliSafe provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, more than double the time you get for many other home security providers, to help give you peace of mind. 

What We Like

* Indoor and outdoor HD surveillance cameras from your mobile devices with live remote viewing 
* Technology for smart motion sensors senses individuals while ignoring pets 
* Integration of smart home devices like Alexa and Google Assistant seamlessly

Learn More About SimpliSafe

Vivint Smart Home - Best for full-service  automation and home security 

Vivint prides itself on being known in North America as the leading smart home business. In the integrated home automation provided in their bundles, their smart home savvy is apparent. The devotion of Vivint to creativity is second only to their dedication to delivering outstanding customer experiences.

What We Like

* Vivint provides a seemingly infinite choice of integration solutions using Z-Wave technology. 
* The Vivint Smart Home application provides the basics, but also some additions, such as being able to schedule door locks/unlocks and set app access permissions for everyone in the building. 
* For anyone who wants support to configure a system to better fit their home, a free in-home consultation is provided.

Learn More About Vivint Home Security

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