How to Deal with the Pandemic With a Home Security System

How to Deal  with the Pandemic With a Home Security System

Mon, Dec 7, 2020 11:11 PM

While a smart home security system might not be an answer to all of your issues, we are starting to see some of the ways in which home alarm systems and automation technologies may make it easier for individuals to deal with some of these issues caused by Coronavirus.

Let's take a look at some of the ways that smart security systems can make your life simpler and help you stay safe and protect yourself from the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Keeping an Eye on Your Pets

For many of these healthcare workers, one of the main problems is that they have pets, and they can't be around to care for them and look out for them. You can combine home surveillance cameras with a smart home security system that will allow you to monitor your pets to make sure they are okay. All you have to do is open the mobile app, and whenever you need to, you can use the cameras to check on your pets.

In the case of a fire or a carbon monoxide leak, the home alarm system will also protect your pets. You can be assured that the fire service will arrive in the event of a fire, with integrated devices such as smoke detectors and CO detectors. To take care of your pets and make sure they are safe, you can contact a friend or neighbor if your CO detector goes off.

Business Security when they are closed

As a result of state and local government directives for the Coronavirus pandemic, several organizations need to shut down. Your business location is still there, sadly, and may even be subject to any number of crimes. This could cause some small business owners to want to go out to inspect their businesses every day, but this could break numerous restrictions, and it could raise the risk of infection with Coronavirus.

If you have installed a business surveillance camera system, you can rest assured that your company is monitoring 24/7, and without having to leave the building, you can also keep an eye on things. Only go to your laptop or open your phone and you can check the outdoor wireless surveillance cameras to see what's happening at your place of business. 

Protecting your home while you work

As a result of government restrictions, while many people staying to work from home, other people find that they are working more hours to help the country and local communities cope with the crisis. This concerns, among others, healthcare staff and others who work in logistics.

It is hard enough to work long hours under high-stress circumstances, but when you have to think about home security, the issue is complicated.

However, when you are at work, a smart home security device will secure your home. With 24/7 surveillance, you understand that if there is a problem, someone is still there to watch the signals and dispatch emergency services. Many of these systems also have mobile applications that if issues arise, will give you warnings.

Make it easy to collaborate with Pet Care experts 

There is a fair possibility that you will not be around to feed your pet or take your dog for a walk when it is needed, with so many hours on the job. You may be able to get a family member to help you out and take care of your dogs, but you might need to find a dog walker or a pet sitter.

It is easier to have access to your home with a smart home security system so that your pet sitter or walker can take care of your pet. When they come over you can send this person a temporary code to disarm the security system. You don't even need to provide the user with a physical key if you have smart locks. You should have a temporary access code to them that allows access at the time of the walk or feeding planned.

Helping your loved ones

All of us have loved ones that are in classes that are at high risk. We worry about these people with the continued spread of Coronavirus, and we want to go and see if they're all right. Nevertheless, we understand that it will increase the risk for you and for the person you are trying to protect.

You will get peace of mind knowing they are safe if your loved one were to have a smart security system. You could check them with the indoor home security cameras as long as they give you access to the device. You may also provide them with an emergency button for wireless fitness. They need to press the button if they start to feel sick and need assistance, and emergency medical services will be dispatched.

Dealing with the Pandemic With a Home Security System

Safe Deliveries to Home

All of us remain home in order to prevent infection and to do our part to help flatten the infection rate curve of COVID-19. We do need food and other essentials, though. Going to the store is one choice, but to get the items we need, many of us take advantage of delivery services. While this decreases our proximity to other people and public places, you also have to deal with the person in charge of distribution.

This is another way to maximize your protection with your home security device. You can speak to the delivery person with a doorbell video camera without having to open the door.

You can tell the delivery person to leave the items by the door if you have already paid with your credit card, and you will get them after they leave. You might also provide the individual with access if you have smart locks or a smart garage door opener that will allow them to drop the delivery off inside without you having to be at the door.


Follow the CDC COVID-19 Recommendations 

For us all, this is a tough moment, but it's something we're going to get through. Contact us today if you are worried about the protection of your homes or businesses.



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