Home Security Tips to Teach Your Children

Home Security Tips to Teach Your Children

Mon, Nov 9, 2020 5:55 PM

We take great steps to keep our homes and families safe, but we still need to teach our kids about home safety, even with fancy alarm systems and high-tech locks. If a real-life emergency or security threat arises, kids who are trained feel more secure and less panicky.

Make sure that you do whatever you can to protect your family, including these essential tips for home safety that every child should know.

How to Answer the Door

All children, and particularly young ones, need to know that, unless otherwise directed by mom or dad, they should never open the door to someone other than the immediate family. Kids need to be armed with a simple plan of action when the doorbell rings or someone knocks and no parents are home.

  • Don't say that you're alone: The first thing children should know is that they should never tell someone that they are alone at home. They should instead suggest that their parents or guardians are busy and unable to come to the door right now.

  • Keep a locked and closed-door: No matter what the person on the other side of the door says, kids shouldn't open the door unless they have been pre-approved by you. Your children must tell them to come back later if anyone says they are a repairman or neighbor. Instruct your child to call the local police department to check if a person appears to be a cop, and they should let the person at the door know they are calling.

  • Practice: Before leaving them on their own at home, run "home alone" exercises with your children. Practice knocking on the door and playing a part in various circumstances to make them feel prepared and confident.


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What you should do in an emergency

None of us want our children to have to deal with an emergency situation, so if they know what to do in advance, they will be less scared. Here are the basic emergency procedures you can review on a regular basis with your kids.

  • How to dial 911: Check when to dial 911, and if they need to call in an emergency, train your kids for what to do. Make sure your address and phone number are memorized and they can repeat them back to the 911 operator. Tell them to listen carefully to what they are told by the operator and to obey all the directions they are given. Conduct similar exercises if you have a security system, so they know how to use the security system to call for help.

  • What to do if a fire happens: Establish a fire escape plan for the entire family and conduct routine fire drills. In the event of a fire, make sure everyone knows where to go and what to do. Explain stuff like leaving behind clothing, toys, and blankets so that your kid can get as easily as possible out of the door. Identify a meeting place and who, if parents are not present or out of the house yet, the children should contact.

Safety Tips for Your Child

How to Lock Up Things

Via an open door or window, about one-third of all break-ins occur. Your kids should know how to make sure it is locked tight, whether you have an alarm system or depend on nice, old-fashioned door and window locks.

  • Show all the locks to them: Take your kids around your home on a tour and point out where each door and window lock is. Show them how each point of entry can be locked and unlocked and then make them practice doing it themselves. Remind them to verify that when they are home alone, even after they come inside or close an open window, the windows and doors are closed. It might sound like overkill, but after each time they are opened, the best way to guarantee good habits is to make children lock a door or window.

  • Teach them about your security system: Make sure your kids know where the access panels are and how to arm and disarm the system if you have a security system. Establish a safety code that will be easy to remember for your kids, but emphasize that it is a strict family-only secret. Have your children practice arming and disarming the system, and without your permission, make sure they know never to disarm the system.

We want to keep you and your kids as secure as possible at HomeAlarmSecurity.Org. Review these important tips for home safety with your kids.


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