Security Tips for your Tiny House

Security Tips for your Tiny House

Tue, Oct 13, 2020 6:33 PM

A tiny house is both inexpensive and attractive. It is difficult to deny their appeal, but this recent step towards a new way of living raises concerns about home protection. How would a small property like that be safe from unwanted trespassers and burglars? 

Micro-homes are indefensible to criminals without adequate security measures. We recommend following these home security tips to protect you and your tiny dwelling if you own tiny home.

Mobile Preparedness

This is an obvious security blind spot for your property if your tiny home has wheels. Wheels mean that, much like a mobile home, your home can be quickly transported. This might, however, render a tiny-home more vulnerable to theft. Within minutes, robbers could theoretically rob your entire house. 

You might think it's far-fetched for anyone to rob your entire home rather than break-in, but before dismissing the concept, you should think about your place. Thieves are searching for fast and simple targets and since small homes are often situated in low traffic areas, without anyone witnessing it, someone might rob your house.

By their placement in rougher neighborhoods too, some tiny homes are made more vulnerable. We recommend clamping your home with wheel locks to prevent this theft. To stop someone towing it down, you might also place your home on blocks and get a hitch bolt. 

Another danger is that burglars often divide homes that are vacant. Because not all tiny-homes can be legally occupied full time, they would be more appealing to criminals. You should invest in home security to safeguard your tiny-home.

Invest in surveillance videos 

For a secure tiny-home experience and peace of mind, getting video surveillance of your small home is important. 

If you're worried about your tiny home when you're not around, you can be reassured on your screen or mobile phone by camera footage available online where you can monitor surveillance live or over a short period of time. However, you don't need to watch constantly, you can get email or text warnings of any reported disturbances so that you can watch online what's going on.

Security Tips for your Tiny Home

Intelligent Solutions 

Since your home is small, you could consider a DIY security system that has no fees for equipment and requires zero down cash. Many tiny homeowners have built a small home of their own, so they tend to do their own job. It is possible to quickly install this type of device, often in minutes! 

Smart security solutions for your home, however, are still available, no matter how limited. And with a small home that's under 400 sq. Ft., you can always have as smart a device as you desire.  24/7 professional surveillance, a touch screen control panel, remote access, smart lighting, and even image motion sensors can be supported by a smart home security system that automatically takes a screenshot of any intrusion and then emails you or texts you the image. 


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Be aware of your environment

It is important to be mindful of the environmental and situational risks, as small homes can be situated in unexpected locations. Your surroundings may look lovely, but are you aware of the risks of your location? If you live in a remote area with poor telecommunications services, for example, it's vital that you know how to get help in an emergency.

Get to know your new neighbors as you move in. It should be enough to simply share the experience of living in a tiny home to start the discussion. As you're likely to be in a less-populated area, interacting with those you have around is a good idea. Befriending neighbors means that if someone falls unwell, you will look out for each other and support them. They might even stay home while you're away! They will also be able to detect an intruder in your home if everyone nearby knows you.

Your tiny-home can also be more susceptible to natural hazards like storms. The location of your property and the construction of your home itself can increase your risk. The best advice for preparation is to follow what you would do in any other home, but extra precautions can be taken. 

Once again, wheels are a risk here, so keep them clamped to prevent your home from rolling in high winds. Be aware of the trees around you and be very careful, even in the aftermath, of falling and fallen branches. Take notice of any weather warnings and please listen to local radio and TV stations for advice about what to do in the event of a storm.

The movement of tiny-homes is changing Americans' lives, but while being mortgage-free is a fantasy for many when you downsize, the need for home protection does not vanish. Protecting your home-big or small-is always critical!



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