How to Protect Your Packages from Thieves

How to Protect Your Packages from Thieves

Wed, Aug 12, 2020 7:43 PM

As internet-based ordering and delivery service are on the ascent, particularly considering Covid-19 is still on-going, so too are the number of packages being delivered to our homes. This presents a developing open door for robbery, particularly if packages and deliveries are left unattended for extensive stretches of time. 

The following are tips to protect your packages from being taken from your doorstep, and subsequent steps if yard robbers take your shipment. 

What To Do If Your Package Is Stolen 

In the event that your preventive measures don't stop determined criminals and your shipment is to be sure missing, report the robbery to police and contact the vendor. While strategies and policies vary, most sellers' client support offices will offer a replacement or discount for stolen items. Others will attempt to move responsibility to the shipping organization. 

In the event that this occurs, you can contact the shipping company or organization to start the claims procedure. USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL all have structures online for simple case accommodation. Note, in any case, that many are not legitimately liable for the package on the off chance that it was left at the right delivery address. When the driver affirms delivery, the package itself is frequently the recipient’s duty. 

If nothing from what was just mentioned outcomes in resolution, you may be capable get a discount or refund by means of your mortgage holders' insurance or the purchase insurance included on your credit card.

Verify Whether Your Package Was Stolen 

If you speculate your shipment was taken, follow these steps to confirm

To begin with, check the package was undoubtedly delivered. Check your purchase confirmation and tracking data. Utilizing the following number provided, you can confirm the shipment's status and package delivery. Now and again, delivery drivers will even share a photo of where the thing was left close to home. 

If the bundle was delivered, however, you can't find it, check your surveillance camera footage to check whether somebody took the thing. Now and again, a friendly neighbor will get your package for safety for your sake in the event that they realize you aren't home. Or then again, you might have the option to see the burglary in action. 


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Keep Track of Deliveries 

Use tracking numbers and smart home security monitoring to additionally protect your packages from yard pirates.

Numerous delivery organizations, similar to Amazon and FedEx, will tell you when your parcel is at your entryway. Promptly recover the item or request that a neighbor gets your packages for you. Abstain from letting a shipment sit outside your home for expanded timeframes. 

Use smart locks to open your home distantly to permit a trusted individual to place the package in your home. You can monitor them by means of your surveillance camera, and afterward, lock the entryways behind them. This will keep your home secure and your packages safe inside. 

Video doorbell cameras are incredible tools for both watching and speaking with couriers. With them, you can see who delivered your bundle and when it was delivered. You can likewise ask the driver through the speaker system in the event that they can put the shipment in a particular area. 

Screen packages with video surveillance in the event that you can't get the packages off your doorstep immediately. A surveillance camera may discourage criminals. It can likewise give you genuine feelings of serenity realizing you can watch out for your new delivery and catch proof should package thieves strike.


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How to Protect Your Packages from Thieves


Step by step instructions to Prevent Package Theft 

While submitting your order, specify delivery directions to keep your package from being disregarded. 

  • - Note expected delivery dates and times for your shipment when ordering with the goal that you can plan appropriately to be home. On the off chance that conceivable, pre-select a delivery time when you realize you'll be available. 
  • - If you won't be available at your normal delivery address when the shipment is expected, think about other delivery alternatives. For instance, you can send your packages to a companion, your work office, package storage, or a UPS or USPS access point for safety's sake until you can bring it home. As a rule, parcel storage or lockers give simple and secure package pickup. 
  • - Require a signature for a thing to be delivered. Along these lines, you can guarantee your package won't be disregarded and left alone. 
  • - Include a comment for uncommon delivery directions, for example, "Please leave the packages behind the trashbin" or "place the package in the carport." If a safe spot for delivery isn't accessible, consider having the shipment held for pickup during a period that is convenient for you. 
  • - For high-value buys, add insurance protection to the delivery to secure yourself in case of robbery or the parcel disappearing. 
  • - Save tracking numbers and subtleties for future reference. 

In the event that you get shipments all the time or on a regular basis, it's likewise savvy to install a surveillance camera with motion sensors and,  identifiers, or a video doorbell camera, so you can proactively monitor for package robbery. 

A home security system, complete with an outdoor surveillance camera and professional checking and monitoring, can guarantee you are speedily notifications of dubious action outside your entryway.


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