Brinks Home Security : Is It the Best Protection for your Home ?

Brinks Home Security : Is It the Best Protection for your Home ?

Thu, Jun 11, 2020 7:58 PM

Brinks Home Security has more than 1 million clients.  with a strong monitoring service and broad options of cutting edge security hardware  

Brinks  Home Security offers one of a kind features called ASAPer. ASAPer gives live messaging to contact when an alert is activated. This is arguably a quicker method to affirm a break-in or a bogus alarm as opposed to a consider call center calling every individual.

brinks security sysytem

With its huge scope and dealership model, Brinks follows the old fashioned model of packaging or bundling equipment into a prohibitive three-year contract that costs $199 for a fundamental or basic unit of hardware with $29 per month for home security and automation or $199 and $39 per month on the off chance that you include video. 


  • Prohibitive three-year service contracts 
  • Brinks doesn't offer a home consultation although an approved or authorized  seller could offer this support 
  • Costs may be higher in the event that you buy the system by means of an approved Brinks dealer


  • Enormous options of top-notch sensors with coordinated home automation choices 
  • Accessibility of expert installers  or DIY 
  • Established monitoring centers that serve more than 1 million clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Do brinks have contracts? 

Three years or 36 Months
Brinks offers an industry-standard three-year contract. you can pay a monthly expense of $29/mo for Brinks professional monitoring.

How to install Brinks Security

All of Brinks's gear are self-installed. yet in the event that you need assistance from a professional, you can get help for an additional charge. Professional installation makes sense for increasingly complex arrangements like an outside camera or the video doorbell, yet you can deal with the most part of the installation yourself. In the same way as other self-installed home security system, you simply need to strip the support from your sensors and install them all through your home.

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