Do Yard Signs Actually Deter Burglars?

Do Yard Signs Actually Deter Burglars?

Fri, Nov 6, 2020 10:35 PM

Everyone likes to save money, and while home security is critical, every month it's still nice to have additional space in the budget. One protection shortcut that many individuals take is posting a sign in their yard that says that an alarm device protects their house. But is the yard sign just keeping burglars away?

Better than No Sign, Any sign is better

The truth is, it will make a burglar think twice when you have a security sign in your yard. They try to get away with the goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thieves are opportunists. The existence of a security device suggests a burglar's difficulty, so many would prefer to miss a house with a sign for one without any visible extra security indicators.

A fake sign seems like a clever security tactic for those who want the advantages of added security without investment. If anyone breaks into your home anyway, those savings are not worth much, however.


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Risks of depending on a sign for protection

If you do decide to try and fake the bad guys out, be careful. Maybe a fake security sign is better than nothing, but it's not much better. It poses its own risks to rely on a fake sign for added protection.

  • A false feeling of security: We also know that a symbol is not the same thing as a safety device. The illusion that your home has extra security is one of the greatest risks of relying on a false sign. A fake sign can be noticed by seasoned criminals, which can make your home a greater target than if you had never put up the sign in the first place.

  • No warnings: Unlike an actual security device, when someone attempts to break in, a sign does not send up the alarm. If your sign doesn't deter a burglar in his tracks, you're not going to be warned that something has happened.

  • Fewer signs for a robber to catch: One of the advantages of a security system or surveillance cameras, if they try to break in, is that you can potentially catch pictures of the burglars. Security devices help police track suspects down, retrieve stolen goods, and keep the bad guys off the street.

  • It signals your home/property is worth protecting: A security sign often leads a burglar to assume you have something that is worth stealing. Criminals recognize that it costs money for security systems, so a sign will warn them that you can afford to secure your valuables. It can also send a signal that the types of items they like to rob could be full of your house.


Do Yard Signs Actually Deter Burglars?

Other Security Strategies to Try

Any security measures that you take will have an impact, but some are more productive than others. If you are budget-conscious, here are some ideas that, without wasting your pocket, provide better protection than a fake sign.

  • Landscaping: Believe it or not, it will help to keep burglars at bay with the proper landscaping. Keep the trees and bushes trimmed and make sure all windows and doors still have a clear line of sight. Avoid hedges and other natural obstructions that provide thieves with hiding places. As an extra deterrent, consider planting thorny plants under open windows.

  • Lights: Keep your house, yard, and driveway well-lit. If there's a spotlight on them, burglars are less likely to try a break-in. Trade out standard outdoor lights that you can configure to turn on automatically or monitor remotely for smart security lighting. The inclusion of motion sensors offers additional security and also lets you conserve energy.

  • Security System: Protection devices are more affordable than ever these days. There have been so many advancements that you can choose between a DIY system that you configure yourself or choose a system that provides you with security around the clock that is professionally controlled. Most security systems can be tailored so that the defense that suits your budget can be selected. Plus, you're going to get the benefit of a sign backed by real protection.

You want to keep your home safe no matter what. There are several inexpensive ways to secure your family, and for nearly any budget, Home Security Alarm knows how to deliver reliable security. Contact us today and find out how easy it is to turn the fake security sign into a genuine one.



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