How Do Glass Break Sensors Work?

How Do Glass Break Sensors Work?

Tue, Sep 29, 2020 11:41 PM

Glass break sensors are an unquestionable must-have home security component, yet do you know how it functions? At the point when a sheet of glass breaks, they radiate a very distinct frequency. That recurrence is "heard" by the glass break sensor and triggers your alarm to send help. 

With regards to home security, the more layers you have, the better! That is the reason glass break sensors are critical to a protected home. They are an extra line of defense against an interloper who attempts to sidestep your window and door sensors by getting through the window. 

What Is A Glass Break Sensor? 

A majority of glass break sensors utilize a sound amplifier or audio microphone to distinguish the recurrence of shattered glass. At the point when the sensor perceives that frequency, your alarm triggers. 

Equipped with a radio frequency transmitter, the sensor sets up a supervised, one–way communications link with the system controller. It utilizes Dynamic Signal Processing to give precise detection of the plate, overlaid, wired, and treated glass types while dismissing normal false alarm sounds. 


How Do Glass Break Sensors Work?

You might be thinking yourself, that sounds incredible, however, do I need one? Here's the reason a glass break sensor can help keep your family and home safe. 

The Second Line Of Defense 

Window sensors track movement while Glass break sensors track sound. While windows and doors are a vital part of home security, glass break sensors are your second line of safeguard. 

If a gatecrasher finds bolted windows and entryways, they may decide to choose your window. Doors and window sensors won't catch the break on the grounds that there is no movement to recognize in the entryway or window frames. Glass break sensors support you to help keep you safe. 


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Security For Homes With Large Windows And Sliding Doors 

You've worked hard to earn your home. Glass entryways and huge windows bring the daylight yet can likewise welcome gatecrashers. Indeed, even with a standard security system set up, your home may not be secure. Layering your security is the most ideal approach to monitor one of the most popular points of passage for robbers. 

Where Do I Install Glass Break Sensors? 

Glass breaks sensors can be installed on either the divider, walls, or ceiling close to the glass windows or entryways. Sensors vary, so check the manuals to ensure you are in the right vicinity of the glass. 

Do You Need Glass Break Sensors? 

Large windows, sliding, or French doors can give simple passageways to gatecrashers. Doors and window sensors are an extraordinary first line of defense, yet they don't guard for glass-break intrusions. Glass break sensors gives an incredible additional layer to help keep you and your family protected.

Recommended Glass sensor Products

 Vivint Glass Break Detector

vivint glass break sensor


  • Includes preset microphone sensitivity settings to detect glass-breaking sounds
  • Detects broken glass from 20 feet away
  • Wireless glass break sensor
  • Tamper-resistant with instant tampering mobile alerts

Vivint Glass Break sensor

ADT Glass Break Sensor

adt glass break sensor


  • Includes preset microphone sensitivity settings to detect glass-breaking sounds
  • Receive mobile alerts via ADT’s mobile app if the glass is broken
  • Detects broken glass from 25 feet away
  • Wireless glass break sensor

Vivint Glass Break sensor

SimpliSafe Glass Break Sensor

Simplisafe glass break sensor


  • Includes preset microphone sensitivity settings to detect glass-breaking sounds
  • Detects broken glass within 20 feet
  • Hardwired glass break sensor
  • Uses a Detection Algorithm and Digital Signal Processing to identify the unique sound of broken glass

Vivint Glass Break sensor


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