Fix Mistakes You Might be Making with Your Home Alarm System

Fix Mistakes You Might be Making with Your Home Alarm System

Wed, Sep 2, 2020 7:16 PM

Installing an alarm is one step towards better home security and wellbeing, however, there are a ton of missteps that are commonly made, even after an alarm is installed. Check this rundown to ensure you're not liable for any of the accompanying safety-compromising practices! 

Installing the alarm system, yet not having it monitored

There are astounding numbers of alarm systems out there that don't alert a monitoring company, or the police when the alarm is set off or triggered, but instead, simply discharge alarm noises. This may scare off gatecrashers, however some of the time it doesn't. Alarms absolutely won't get a robber that may strike again later or somewhere else. 

Disregarding passages when installing sensors 

In the event that you have an alarm system, it's basic to have sensors by your front entryways and windows, however, it's barely noticeable or disregards less central passageway points, for example, indirect accesses like backdoors and windows on the upper floors of your home. Nonetheless, criminals are bound to attempt to access your home through these more subtle points, so it's significant that these places are armed too. 

Bad keypad placement 

On the off chance that an interloper is casing out your home, all things considered, they will attempt to check whether you have an alarm system. In the event that they can see your alarm system from outside even through the reflection of a mirror, they will have the option to tell whether your alarm system is armed. It's smarter to keep expected gatecrashers from having the information about your home alarm system by any means! 


Keypad Alarm


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Not arming your alarm system 

Installing an alarm system, and doing it accurately, is just 50% of the equation to having an appropriately secured home. So as to utilize the alarm system to its maximum potential, you need to arm it! Ensure your alarm is set at whatever point conceivable. There are a ton of valid reasons to not have an alert set possibly you're home, or it's broad daylight, yet interlopers don't generally hold up until sunset and it's essential to consistently be protected. Make the additional stride and set your alarms for peace of mind. 


What are the best home alarm system 


1. Vivint Alarm System

With a home security system from Vivint, you get the most advanced products, complete control from anywhere, and the peace of mind that comes with 24x7 monitoring and customer support. 

2. ADT Security Alarm

adt alarm security

Emergency Alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors or flood sensors to help keep you and your family even safer

3. Simplisafe 

simplisafe home security

SmashSafe An intruder can damage the keypad. Doesn't matter. It will still alert the police. 

4. Ring Motion Detector

Ring Motion Detector

Get alerts whenever motion is detected inside your home with the Alarm Motion Detector. It connects to your Ring Alarm Base Station and mounts to any indoor wall or corner, so you’ll always know when there’s activity at home.


In the event that you do have an alarm system in your house, you're on an incredible way to home security. Ensure your system is installed effectively and cautiously, and utilize your alarm appropriately so as to truly amplify your security!




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