Protect Your Garage With These 7 Security Measures

Protect Your Garage With These 7 Security Measures

Fri, Oct 2, 2020 7:27 PM

If you are going for a vacation for a week or month, there are several security measures to prevent home intruders from trying to break into your garage and properties. Securing your garage is an important aspect to protect your investment and your home. It will prevent unauthorized persons to access your home and to protect your investment from theft. 

7  Security Measures for Garage

Disable Garage Door
This is an obvious one, disabling your garage while your away is the first simple step to prevent potential thieves to break into your properties. To prevent criminals from accessing your garage while your away, completely disable your garage door.

Secure Your Windows
Securing your windows using a bar will prevent theft to enter your home in case they break windows.

Place Curtain on Windows
Covering your windows with curtains will prevent thieves to see a potential entry or to see valuable things inside your home. Without a clear idea of a potential target, thieves will be much less interested to enter your home.

Bring the Remote
Always bring your remote with you when you leave your car. If you parked your car somewhere else other your garage, it is tempting for thieves to force and drive your car straight away.

Use Reliable and Sturdy Locks
If you have the budget, the garage door should be made of sturdy metal with high-quality hinges. Any door garage with sturdy metal will provide a higher level of security. You can also add protection by adding Garage Door Control.

garage security measures

Install Security Cameras
Installing security cameras will take your garage security to a next level. To add more level of protection and security, consider a camera with a motion section. Vivint Alarm and most advanced home security have these features.

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Add Motion sensor-lights
To more protection and add more improvement for security, adding motion sensor lights will deter thieves to attack your properties. Thieves will be hesitant to enter your home under the bright light of motion cameras.

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