Security Risks of Installing a DIY Alarm System

Security Risks of Installing a DIY Alarm System

Fri, Jan 22, 2021 8:23 PM

So you have decided to go the do-it-yourself path and install your own home alarm system. That's great news as you can configure it as you want and save up in the process on expensive installation fees. A DIY alarm system can prove to be a little fun to work with for the enthusiastic tinkerers out there, and once you have it installed, it is a satisfying experience.

But a DIY alarm system holds a few security threats that you need to be mindful of, just as with any self-made projects out there. You say, what's the catch? We'll go through the top security risks of installing a DIY alarm system in this article to help you decide whether it is the right choice for you.


User error vulnerability


Skilled technicians know how to install the necessary layout and installation of home security systems. This requires the proper location of the security cameras, the motion sensors, the control panel, etc. You may want to rethink your choices if you are someone who has little knowledge or experience with DIY alarm systems.

This is because DIY alarm systems are vulnerable to user errors that can leave holes in the security of your home. You can't just get the machines mounted where you see fit. To ensure the alarm system works harmoniously without any problems, each part needs to be accounted for.

The cost savings are simply not worth it, especially if your alarm system is set up in a way that does not meet the requirements of professional monitoring.


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No surveillance means no emergency calls


The shortage of emergency calls is one of the key drawbacks of a DIY alarm system. You're avoiding the perks of security companies if you don't pay monthly rates, the chief among them being the emergency response. This means that it is solely up to you to act in the event that your alarm system senses an intruder or fire incident.

Sure, you can get a video surveillance review notification, but what if you're in serious danger and you can't get in touch with the right authorities? You can guarantee that support is on the way with a properly controlled alarm device, even if you are incapacitated.


diy home security repairs


Upgrades, Maintenance, and Repairs


For the installation, the DIY route does not only apply. To ensure everything is running smoothly, you are responsible for maintaining and updating the entire system. It's entirely up to you to solve the problem if a part doesn't work or the alarm doesn't sound. You will need to update the software of the alarm system so that the features are up-to-date and no security bugs compromise your home security.

You benefit from 24/7 customer support and periodic maintenance checks by the technicians themselves with a professionally controlled alarm system. This means that if you encounter any security concerns, you can rely on expert advice. You can count on it to last for years and operate consistently at all times, as the alarm system is operated by professionals.


Internet and Power Outages


To function effectively, most DIY alarm systems need a steady internet connection along with a constant power source. If both of these two were to go down, your alarm system could not function. Between poor internet access and bad weather, from time to time, a DIY alarm system suffers from reliability problems.

One alternative is to choose battery-powered equipment so that even in a power outage they can still work. To ensure they have adequate charge, you may need to check the battery regularly. The modules can be hard-wired to remove any reliability problems with professionally monitored alarm systems and give you more peace of mind.


False alarms


The majority of DIY warning systems are not so well suited to handle false alarms. These are only some examples of false alarms that sometimes happen with self-made alarm systems, from pets activating motion sensors to a surveillance camera picking up motion from swaying trees.

To be fair, it is difficult to equate the components that come in DIY kits with those available in security monitoring businesses. Although some of the advanced features can be accessed, it is the subtle knowledge that makes a big difference in terms of removing false alarms.


So, is a DIY alarm system the one for you?


A DIY alarm system is not absolutely a bad idea, as a self-made alarm system has a few benefits, including durability, cost savings, and portability. It's just that you need to be mindful of a few security threats to ensure that you're making an educated decision.

A DIY alarm system can work for you if you are a homeowner who has previous experience with the installation of custom security systems. But if you are unfamiliar with the whole process of setup and installation, we instead suggest a professional monitoring system. That way, with your home security, you can be completely assured and benefit from the services of the security business.


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