SimpliSafe Features, Contracts, Pricing, Equipment, and more

SimpliSafe Features, Contracts, Pricing, Equipment, and more

Wed, Sep 9, 2020 9:41 PM

Due to its easy to setup feature, SimpliSafe features known as one of the best home security systems today. You can also use your smartphone to control your system, thanks to the SimpliSafe app. Simplisafe is a DIY system, it is well-priced home security for every homeowner and renters whore in a tight budget.  Let's dig more into a contract, pricing, fees, and equipment.

Professional Monitoring Cost

You will pay less compared to its competitors due to its DIY contract-free model. You have to buy all your equipment upfront without worrying about any contract.

SimpliSafe features

The company offers two professional monitoring plans. This includes the Interactive which costs $24.99 and The Standard costs $14.99 per month.

SimpliSafe Standard Interactive
Environmental monitoring Yes Yes
Secret alerts No Yes
JText or email alerts No Yes
Smart home integration No Yes
Mobile app access No Yes
24/7 monitoring Yes Yes
January $100 $100
Price $14.99/mo. $24.99/mo.

You can choose with or without professional monitoring with SimpliSafe. However, without this option, no one will pay attention to your system to call for authorities. Your alarm system just functions as a local alarm if someone triggers the sensors.

SimpliSafe Equipment

It is safe to say that SimpliSafe equipment is minimal. But that doesn't mean its basic. SimpliSafe system will fully automate your home like any other company. Here is the full list of equipment's you get;

Panic button
Key fob/keychain remote
Smart lock
Video Doorbell Pro
Yard sign
Smoke detector
Carbon monoxide sensor
Entry sensor
Motion sensor/motion detector
Glass break sensor
Water sensor
Temperature sensor
105db siren

If you are not sure if you need one or two equipment above, SimpliSafe offers different packages to choose form.

Equipment Package # pieces included Learn more
The Hearth 9 VIEW DEALS
The Essentials 6 VIEW DEALS
The Foundation 4 VIEW DEALS

SimpliSafe Equipment Features

Battery Backup
Even if your station base loses power, the base station battery backup will last up to 24 hours.

SmashSafe Backup
The system will send an alarm notification to the monitoring center when someone destroys your base station or wireless keypad.

Simultaneous WI-FI and cellular connectivity
If your cellular signal lose or your Wi-Fi at home loses connection, your system still works.

Overall, SimpliSafe features worth an investment. It is a good deal especially you get what you just need. Plus, you will not worry about contracts.

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SimpliSafe Features, Contracts, Pricing, Equipment, and more

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