SimpliSafe Security Systems: Packages, Plans and Pricing

SimpliSafe Security Systems: Packages, Plans and Pricing

Fri, Jul 24, 2020 11:48 PM

SimpliSafe is the best home security framework choice for tenants since it's so versatile. The up-front hardware cost is higher than most home security systems, yet all the equipment is all yours. Additionally, SimpliSafe has a great 10-second reaction or response time, which is the quickest of all the home security systems available in the market. 

This wireless system is very easy to understand and user friendly, and the installation procedure is simple and direct. The controller allows you to arm and disarms the alarm utilizing a keychain fob or the SimpliSafe application. Furthermore, the application lets you control your SimpliSafe security system anywhere you are. We should take note that the SimpliSafe application is just compatible with the more expensive monitoring plan. 

Expert Tip : SimpliSafe has the alternative of installing entryway or door chimes. This element tells you when someone leaves or goes out in the house, and can be particularly useful for families with babies and little children

SimpliSafe lags behind the competition on client or customer support. Clients have not been extremely content with the manner in which dispatch calls from the monitoring system functions for false alarm since they frequently result in additional charges.


Technology Highlights 


The SimpliSafe home security system highlights: 

  • Mobile alerts – when you install the application on your smartphone, you get the chance to remain connected with alerts from the motion sensors in your home. Besides, you can likewise follow the flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke/heat finders. Obviously, this is all relying upon the bundle you pick. 
  • 24/7 Monitoring 
  • Surveillance cameras – you can save the recordings from your camera, and stream live through the application on your smartphone, tablet or PC 
  • Disaster protection – the SimpliSafe home security system highlights ecological or environmental sensors that can send you alerts if there should arise an occurrence of water, carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire dangers 
  • Controller – accessible through the application and the keychain 
  • Response Time - SimpliSafe has the most amazing response time of all home security companies. Their time period for response in less than 10 seconds, which we should admit is very noteworthy. 
  • Client support - One category where SimpliSafe has gotten fairly disappointing reviews is client support. Most clients are not content with the manner in which dispatch calls from the monitoring system work for false cautions since they can frequently result in extra charges


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Equipment and Design 

Notwithstanding the way that practically all major home security companies feature astonishing designs, SimpliSafe hardware is very rich and one of a kind in its appearance. For instance, the hardware comes in either white or black alternatives. Each unit looks smooth and complex, and it will mix in delightfully in many homes, regardless of the style or stylistic layout.


Easy to Install 

As a result of the remote or wireless equipment, the installation procedure is really straightforward; you simply need to pick where to put the devices. They accompany an instruction manual, which is loaded up with recommendations to assist you to pick the best spots in your home. It's not difficult to move around the house or to take them with you if you move. 

The controller is one of the highlights of this home security system so you can arm and disarm the alarm with the keychain or the application. The SimpliSafe application lets you control your SimpliSafe security system from anyplace. It's accessible for iPhone and Android

Pros And Cons



Low monthly rate

High upfront equipment cost

Easy DIY install

Proprietary equipment limits integration options

No long-term contract - cancel anytime

No professional installation option

Portable - take it with you when you move


Lifetime equipment warranty


60-day money-back guarantee


Great for renters



Price and Packages




The Essential package

$14.99 / mo

$254 up-front

The Hearth package

$14.99 / mo

$374 up-front

The Foundation package

$14.99 / mo

$259 up-front


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