What Makes Vivint Home Security System so Special?

What Makes Vivint Home Security System so Special?

Fri, Aug 28, 2020 7:12 PM

Vivint offers a strong home security system that they design, produce, and install. No outsider included means consistency in item and services.. 

It's additionally a brilliant home automation framework, permitting you to connect with more than 15 compatible devices to bolt your entryways, turn off your lights, control your indoor regulator, and more, all from the Vivint touchscreen panel board, mobile application or via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Vivint Is Innovative 

Vivint was the first to build up a call-out highlights from their Ping indoor camera. It's a function, separate from the two-way talk, that is particularly incredible for guardians leaving small children home alone. Essentially pressing a button on the top or head of the camera starts a video call through the Vivint application. Vivint incorporated with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa before its rivals, as well—additional proof of their tech-ground breaking. 


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Vivint 24/7 Connectivity 

You can contact Vivint Smart Home monitoring day or night through the two-way talk highlight. In the event that you have an emergency, an issue with your hardware or an inquiry, simply press the microphone symbol on your SmartHub and you'll promptly be connected with a specialist. You can talk to relatives and guests through the touchscreen panel, as well. 


Vivint Planning and Installation 

Vivint sends a Smart home professional to evaluate the format and layout of your home, converse with you about your needs, and structure a security framework unique to your circumstance. When you consent to an outline, the same professional handles the installation. assessment is free and the installation runs at $99 expense.


Vivint Cameras Options 

Vivint interfaces with best in class cameras to spot gatecrashers or catch and capture the face of a package poacher. Here are a few highlights in the $200 vivint packages range. Remember that there's a $5/month monitoring charge for every dynamic camera.


Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro™

In contrast to more bulky contenders, this one really resembles a doorbell. It has all the norms, as well—two-way talk, infrared night vision, recorded 30-second video cuts that can be viewed and monitored from your cell phone or PC. 

Vivint Ping Camera 

Vivint Ping Camera

The minimal indoor choice that spearheaded the push-button call-out feature. Smart motion sensor or identification initiates 30-second recordings that are save for about 14 days, in addition to mobile alerts when something occurs. 

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro™

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro™

This remote outdoor mounted camera's special feature is it can differentiate between a vehicle and a person. At the point when it identifies a prowler, it records—and two-way talk lets you instruct them to proceed onward. 

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro™


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Vivint Pricing

The expense of Vivint relies upon your custom hardware and monitoring choices.

A starter unit, for example, will run you about $600 and gives the essentials: A touchscreen Smart Hub, two door and window sensors, one water sensor, and one motion sensor. You'll most likely need to include in any event one camera, which runs from about $200 to $300 per piece. You can pay for your gear up front, or fund it over a couple of years. Vivint offers 42 or 60-month financing, which would put your fundamental gear cost between $11-$15/month.


Vivint Smart Home


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